Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hamed Nabahat in DeVaTe version! haha

Deborah Vásquez Tejada artist is in Peru. Perhaps not more than a few months in relation to him that I B. But I feel that for many years that know him.

she is a lovely and kind human.

Deborah a professional art world is

I invite you please visit the blog his


  1. Very, very much Thank you so much
    Deborah's I was very happy. Was a good gift
    The portraits always my memories will remain
    To friendship with you I am proud
    best regards

  2. Many thanks to you my dear Hamed, I really enjoyed making your portrait...jeje

    I wish we can share art and our fiendship this new year 2010 and why not, dream about to meet each other one day!