Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me by Tiago Silva

My caricature by Tiago Silva
he Born in1986 in the city of curitiba, Pr, Brazil. Cartoonist always. Publishing in the Journal Courier Citizen - Campo Mourão-PR


  1. was an honor for me
    I hope you enjoyed

    I wish you much success in your career!
    big hug my friend!

  2. hahaha! I loke the detail in your hands with pencil...the best to be an artist is to meet others artist around the world, I wish one day all members of World Cartoonist can meet in an international congress...could be possible and interesting, be sure that I will be sitting by your side my dear!


  3. Dear Devate
    Certainly it would be one of the best days in history!
    All the cartoonists of the world together!
    I think it would be much more productive than the COP15 ...

  4. Thanks to Dear tiago
    And congratulations
    really nice...
    And Deborah's is really a good idea
    I'm waiting for such a day
    Think about it is exciting

  5. excellent, great!
    very good my friend Tiago Silva.